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AMRA x St. Regis Riyadh

AMRA cordially requests the pleasure of your company to discover

AMRA Skincare at St. Regis Riyadh for an Afternoon Soiree

Tuesday 13th February, 2024

From xxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxx


Discover more about our event below

AMRA’s collaboration with St. Regis Riyadh is inspired by the ultimate socialite of high society, Caroline Astor.  Journey with us into the Spa for treatments that prepare you for one of Caroline's soirees. Known as a connoisseur in etiquette for the upper echelons of the New York socialites, it quickly became apparent that you were either in or out of the New York social scene.

Caroline's glamourous parties became so selective that there was a perfect number for the guest list and this is how 'The Four Hundred' was born. The ultimate number of guests to create the ultimate social scene, which still to this day is the most glamorous and opulent.

In preparation for any event experience the ultimate AMRA treatment The Four Hundred which is meticulously designed to be the ultimate in luxury experience, where time is spent indulging in the opulence of Rubies and Sapphires accompanied by crafted 24kt Gold or Platinum Hot Stones, Gua Shas and Rollers. 



Scientifically engineered actives invite guests to experience visible results and depart with skin that ensures they are perfectly prepared for any occasion.

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Spa Menu

AMRA has designed a spa menu that ensures that whenever the soirée, you will always have results-driven treatments inspired by the local beauty of the destination.



Our treatments under the Carolines collection are the ultimate treatments that are scientifically driven whilst immersed in luxury.

Rarity StemCell8
Defining Concentrate

AMRA’s Rarity StemCell8 Defining Concentrate is the ultimate in active skincare. By combining AMRA’s most luxuriously active ingredients, this serum aids in repairing the skin and collagen synthesis, all whilst protecting the skin from free radicals and external stressors.


Green Caviar

Green Caviar mimics young epidermal cells providing nourishing and restorative benefits for the skin. It absorbs vitamins and minerals from the sea creating the ultimate hydration for the skin.

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Platinum tones and firms the skin through the use of micro-vibrations on a cellular level. It reduces the appearance of fine lines leaving a bright and lifted appearance.


24kt Gold

A natural anti-inflammatory which aids in cell renewal. It eradicates free radicals and balances cell metabolism.

_Rarity Face Serum - The Ultimate Solution for Radiant Skin_.png

Stem Cell Orchid

Taken from the blossom and stem of the orchid plant, it helps to protect the skin from free radical damage and pollution. It also helps to strengthen the skin by nourishing and providing probiotic benefits.

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Works to brighten the skin, helping to blur fine lines and wrinkles using our light diffusing technology.

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Increases energy levels within the cell and has warming properties which increase cell activity and therefore skin renewal, resulting in refreshed and brighter skin. Ruby improves texture, appearance and overall skin health.

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Sapphire has been proven to reduce inflammation on a cellular level, preventing the occurrence of skin concerns such as premature ageing and pigmentation. This ingredient promotes even skin tone and works to strengthen the skin.



Rich in mineral content and with high antioxidant properties due to being untouched by the earth’s pollutants.

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