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All you need to know about AMRA Face Oils

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Face oils have been used in luxury skincare for thousands of years. Their use can be traced as far back as 40,000 years ago to aboriginal culture. In ancient Egypt, oils were so valuable they were used as a form of payment, but it was Ancient Greece who turned it into something available to all, and widely used.

For us, face oils remain a skincare essential. Not only are they perfect for hydrating dry skin, they diffuse fine lines and wrinkles, protect your skin, reduce pore size and feel opulent and luxurious on the skin. Even if you do not have dry skin, a face oil can be a must have to support skin to pause its overproduction of sebum.

A face oil should be applied daily, after cleansing. Apply one or two drops to the palm of your hand and smooth over your décolleté and onto your face, avoiding the delicate eye area. You should follow your face oil with a serum and moisturiser.

AMRA Face oils have been specially formulated to deliver result driven oils to combat modern world skincare concerns. Containing key actives and luxury, rejuvenating ingredients.

Here’s what you need to know about our collection of unique active facial oils:

Gold Rejuvenating Face Oil

Perfect for protecting inflamed or irritated skin from pollution, UV and damage-causing free radicals, our Gold Rejuvenating Oil has been designed to stimulate the production of elastin. Elastin helps to create a youthful appearance and adds hydration to the skin.

Combining Vitamin C to nourish skin, Anti-Gly to strengthen and protect the skin from ageing and 24kt gold skincare to help reduce inflammation, the Gold Rejuvenating Face Oil is a must for skin that’s exposed to UV, pollution and city living.

Caviar Hydrating Face Oil

If you seek hydration, look no further than our Caviar Hydrating Face Oil. It’s the ultimate in restoring hydration, using hyaluronic acid to maintain the skins moisture levels and our probiotic formula to strengthen the skin internally. Caviar, vitamins and essential minerals work to nourish the skin.

This is the face oil for dry skin. It’s ideal for dehydrated, dull or ageing skin as well as skin that has become dry due to UV exposure or air conditioning. Make it a part of your daily routine if you have dry skin or are concerned about ageing.

Platinum Firming Face Oil

For those looking to tone and firm the skin, look to our Platinum Firming Face Oil. It combines dipeptide active technology, to promote wrinkle smoothing and improved tone and elasticity, coupled with vitamin B3 to nourish, hydrate and repair UV challenged skin.

If you’re concerned about signs of ageing, UV exposure and skin blemishes then this is the oil to envelope your skin in optimal hydration.

It’s time to incorporate a face oil into your routine, whatever your skin concerns. They can nourish, hydrate, and give you, and your skin, a much-needed luxurious boost.

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