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Rarity is the absolute ultimate in luxury skincare. 

Encapsulating the world’s most precious ingredients of Green Caviar, Gold, Diamond, Platinum, Stem Cell Orchid, Ruby, Sapphire, and Meteorite to purify, hydrate, rejuvenate, illuminate, and firm. 

Scientifically formulated to envelope the skin in luxury, this face serum will plump, define, and tighten.


Use daily after cleansing with an AMRA-selected face wash. Apply one to two drops to the palm of your hand to smooth the product over your décolleté and onto your face, ensuring you avoid the eye area. Continue with an AMRA-selected moisturiser.


GREEN CAVIAR - A sustainably sourced way of keeping your skin hydrated this summer.

GOLD - A powerful anti-inflammatory active perfect for cell renewal and combat free radicals that could lead to premature ageing.

DIAMOND - Allows skin to become truly radiant, clinically proven to create illuminated skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

PLATINUM Platinum released through sebum contact delivers moisture to the skin while blurring imperfections and correcting tone and wrinkles, leaving skin looking and feeling firm. 

SAPPHIRE - Crushed sapphires are used to reduce inflammation and therefore imperfections of the skin.

RUBY Crushed Ruby works to increase energy levels within the cell, with a warming property that increases cellular activity such as mitosis. New cells lead to brighter skin with smoother contours and reduced pigmentation. 

STEM CELL ORCHID - Stem cells carefully collected from Rare Orchids create the ultimate beneficial ingredient. Used to combat free radicals, and strengthen the skin through probiotic benefits, Stem Cell Orchid fights against environmental pollution in today's modern world. 

METEORITE - Anti-oxidant Meteorite, kept untouched by the earth's pollutants in space, works at strengthening the skin from within through cellular production to prevent water loss and nourish the skin. 

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