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AMRA's Micro-Cellular Actives

Clinically inspired, results driven and precious ingredients. Our Actives combine the latest science technology, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals to formulate the best  

decode the complex scientific compounds, lab-derived complexes, botanical extracts and vitamins that comprise our groundbreaking formulations and learn what they can offer your skin.

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PPF+ is a plant derived active from the Pistacia lentiscus that visibly improves the quality of the skin by refining texture, minimising pores and reducing imperfections.


AFR is ....

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caviar active TBC

XXX prevents trans-epidermal water loss by combining both HA (Hyaluronic Acid) and Probiotics, ensuring your skin looks hydrated and ....

Elastin Extract

Our 4-in-1 anti-aging extract from the leaves of the Manikara tree providing anti-elastase properties and providing an anti-glycation effect. Glycation is considered one of the key factors in skin aging by deeply modifying the skins proteins. By inhibiting this effect, skin stays .....

DEJ Active

An AMRA active ingredient containing a peptide to regulate cell activity and collagen tissue remodeling.  DEJ Active allows your skin to feel and look smoothed and plumped by stimulating the six major constituents of the Dermal Epidermal Junction, ensuring optimal architecture of the skin. 

Dipeptide Complex

AMRA's engineered fusion of two peptides which aids skin repair, particularly the top two layers of the dermis, protecting against UV damage and free radicals. This Active mimics broken down collagen and reduces a pro-inflammatory protein which triggers the skin to regenerate and smooth fine lines. 

precious active TBC

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rarity active TBC

Building on Combining the latest scientific advances of microscopic Stem Cell Orchids, with a pure mineral content of lustrous Meteorite combined with  opalescent Ruby and Sapphire to increase energy levels within the cell and reduce inflammation on a cellular level. 

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