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The Opulence of Treatment


Since being founded, AMRA has consciously made the decision

to produce bespoke treatments at the pinnacle of luxury, exclusively available at selected locations, from the choreography of AMRA massage movements to opulent products designed to provide inimitable results.

This ensures that every guest can experience a unique journey, crafted for them alone.

Pause the passing of time, rejuvenate in opulence, and preserve youth in idyllic Spas dedicated to providing unique and innovative experiences in absolute luxury.


The moment you arrive at your Spa you will start your AMRA journey. For our guests, exceptional detail makes lasting memories.


Our guests experience choreographed movements inspired by the art of ballet, stimulating movements that relax and tone the skin, combined with luxurious textures and opulent treatments. All whilst relaxing in the knowledge that our scientific research will embed their results within the skin.


Award-winning Facial & treatment journeys, we work with each individual to create an AMRA-exclusive journey, only ever to be discovered in your Spa.

AMRA Skincare

The ultimate in opulence and splendour.


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