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Shop AMRA for Men

The AMRA for Men collection has been scientifically engineered specifically for men. Volcanic rock works toward normalising sebum, Platinum firms skin, and Meteorite nourishes.


Shop Caviar Hydrating

Infused with encapsulated Caviar, rich with Sea Minerals and Vitamins to capture properties of young epidermal cells from within the skin, AMRA Caviar Hydrating uses an advanced Probiotic Complex fused with Hyaluronic Acid to prevent trans-epidermal water loss by retaining the skins moisture content. This collection is the ultimate in maximum hydration.

Shop Diamond


The Diamond Illuminating Collection has been engineered to increase optimal clarity of each layer of the skin, while simultaneously eradicating and protecting the skin from blue light pollution. Blue light eradicator technology combats modern world pollution and protects the skin from premature ageing by releasing actives in a cyclodextrin system, providing 4-hour protection from free radicals. The iridescence from Diamond optical blurring technology ensures precise architecture of the skin tissue and illumination from within. Don’t just be radiant, be captivating.

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Shop Eau de parfum

AMRA was founded with the purpose to exceed expectations using the power of the Olfactory system, which is embedded in all that we do. Discover our Olfaction collection, with unique exquisite aromas that evoke emotions & capture timeless memories with exceptional luxury.

Shop Gold


Opulent 24kt Gold is a natural anti- inflammatory known for its powerful cell renewal properties. Formulated with precious 24Kt Gold, encapsulated Vitamin C and our bespoke 4-In-1 Anti-Glycation complex engineered for it’s anti-aging abilities, the Gold Collection embraces the skin to define & contour, leaving you rejuvenated.


Shop Pearl Purifying

Pearlescent and Elegant, our Purifying Pearl collection uses innovative scientific technology to actively break down free radicals throughout the day. Our exclusive PPF+ active, combined with nourishing Pearl, work synergistically to remove impurities and protect the skin from environmental damage with incredible protein content.

Shop Platinum Firming

Platinum exudes sophistication. This collection encapsulates the skin with our dipeptide technology to mimic broken down collagen, delivering youth and firmness to the tissue. We enrich our Platinum formulation with Vitamin B3 to nourish and strengthen the skin and protect from UV damage.  This collection is the ultimate in anti- ageing

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Shop Precious

Our sumptuous Precious collection has been designed to be the ultimate in luxury skincare. Combining the innovative powerhouse intelligence of Purifying Pearl, Hydrating Caviar, Rejuvenating Gold, Illuminating Diamond and Firming Platinum, this collection works synergistically to target all modern skincare concerns.

Shop Rarity

The Rarity collection comprises of the most luxurious ingredients in the world. Latest scientific advances of microscopic Stem Cell Orchid, with a pure mineral content of lustrous Meteorite kept untouched from pollution high in space, combine with opalescent Ruby and Sapphire to increase energy levels within the cell, and reduce inflammation on a cellular level. This collection is enhanced with the intelligence of the AMRA powerhouse ingredients, the pinnacle of opulent skincare.

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Shop Rose Oud

British Rose and opulent Oud combine for an enigmatic olfactory sensation designed to enhance your perfection. For your Valentines gifting, discover the luxury of Rose Oud