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A luxury skincare brand born from the heart of a lab and a holistic vision for beauty.

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From Lab to Luxury: Sue Jones' Transformative Journey in Skincare Innovation

In 2002 CEO and Founder of AMRA Skincare, Sue Jones, who had previously worked as a university lecturer for business and cosmetology, linked her two passions of science and skincare.  Sue was inspired by her time spent as a lecturer and using knowledge from her life sciences degree, she began a decade of exhilarating research alongside expert scientists, and developed her own line of massage oils, leading to what AMRA has become today. 

Empowering Change: Fairtrade Odyssey and the Birth of AMRA Skincare

With her massage oils formulated, Sue embarked on a Fairtrade mission in Kerala, India, to gain a complete understanding of the importance of Fairtrade and the impact sourcing ingredients can have on ecosystems. Inspirited by her findings, Sue incorporated the foundations and values that flourished during her time in India into the DNA of AMRA, and AMRA Skincare was truly born. 


"We aim to transcend expectation throughout every step of our journey. Ensuring we create highly active skincare at the height of luxury, sourced with upcycled actives, deeply rooted in sustainability and produced with the most advanced scientific technology."

- Sue Jones, AMRA Skincare CEO & Founder
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