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The Best Cleanser For Your Skin Type

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

When cleansing your face, the main goal is to rid the skin of any impurities such as makeup, free radicals, dirt and excess oil. However, this simple step in your routine is also a window into additional skincare benefits you could gain from Actives which enhance your complexion. The perfect cleanser formulation depends on your skin type, as well as a range of environmental factors.

Here at AMRA we understand that your skin type is so much more complex than oily or dry, and our Actives work at identifying the problem and creating a solution. We understand that hormones, weather, humidity, diet and stress all affect the current skin type that you have, and that’s why our AMRA Facial Washes are designed to remove impurities that, if left on the skin, can lead to sensitivity and ageing.

When it comes to dry and dull skin, Caviar Hydrating Cleansing Face Wash is our go-to at AMRA. Formulated with Caviar, the jewel of the ocean, rich in minerals and vitamins this cleanser is the epitome of maximum hydration. Minerals and Vitamins absorbed by Caviar restore the skin's natural balance, healing and strengthening skin from the inside, while Hyaluronic acid works to lock in moisture, ensuring lasting nourishment for the skin. A Bi-Function Probiotic Complex removes impurities and protects the skin by healing and strengthening the skin barrier, this prevents any unnecessary water loss ensuring the ultimate in levels of hydration. This is an absolute essential for those with drier or combination skin.

A quintessential cleanser for both congested and sensitive skin types is Pearl Purifying Cleansing Face Wash Tahitian Black Pearl works alongside active technology to combat environmental pollution, while its antioxidant and high protein properties heal skin from within, leaving an overall healthier complexion. Our Anti Free Radical and Pollution Protectant Factor actives combat free radicals by being released slowly throughout the day, ensuring 24-hour protection and nourishment. Deeply cleansing the skin while strengthening and hydrating, Pearl Purifying is the perfect cleanser for those with a combination of dry skin types.

Gold Rejuvenating Cleansing Face Wash is our recommendation for sensitive skin. 24kt Gold, known for its anti-inflammatory and powerful cell renewal properties is a perfect choice for anyone concerned with inflamed or irritated skin. Formulated alongside Vitamin C, which is slowly released through the course of the day to protect from damage caused by sunlight and combat free radicals, and a 4-in-1 Anti-Glycation formula to strengthen skin, this rejuvenating cleanser will leave your skill feeling nourished and with a beautiful glow, clear of sensitivity and irritation.

For a cleanser perfect for all skincare concerns, AMRA recommends Precious Cleansing Face Wash. Formulated with all of our powerhouse ingredients, Pearl to Purify, Caviar to Hydrate, Gold to Rejuvenate, Platinum to Firm and Diamond to Illuminate, Precious Cleansing if the epitome of Face Washes. Cleansing the skin while giving a variation of advantageous skincare benefits, it has to be Precious.


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