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Guide to Winter Hydration

There are a vast number of factors that take their toll on our skin through the winter months. Frombitterly cold winds, a drop in temperature, or the central heating is on, our skin faces its fair share of trials and it's important that we maintain the ultimate hydration levels.

During the cooler months, your skin is far more susceptible to dryness and dehydration. Central heating rids the air of moisture-dehydrating your skin, boiling hot showers strip the skin of natural oils necessary for moisture, and cool winds and weather make skin feel more sensitive.

Whether your face is feeling inflamed, your skin is looking duller your hands are feeling the effects of winter, at AMRA we have an abundance of luxurious skincare suited to all your seasonal skincare concerns.

Exfoliate -

Despite feeling as though exfoliating skin may worsen already dry and sensitive skin, it's actually an essential step to ensure your skin is getting as much hydration as possible. Using a soft exfoliator once a week rids the skin of any dry or dead skin that could be blocking the skin barrier’s ability to retain moisture. With healthy skin, it’s far easier for the epidermis to retain moisture and heal winter skin.

AMRA recommend Gold Rejuvenating Body Polish for gentle exfoliation, with advantageous anti-inflammatory actives essential for alleviating skin of harsh winter's toll.

Moisturise -

It’s no surprise that we’ve included moisturising in an essential winter hydration routine. Moisturisers lock in essential moisture and nourishment that winter skin craves. They draw water into the epidermis, diffusing deep into the skin and nourishing dry, itchy, or tight skin. Skin is left feeling hydrated and supple, and any signs of wear from the cooler weather are eased with a touch of decadence.

Formulated with humectant Hyaluronic Acid, AMRA Caviar Hydrating Moisturiser is a quintessential addition to a hydrating routine. Hyaluronic Acid holds water molecules to the surface of the skin while Green Caviar, sustainably sourced from marine algae, and a bi-function probiotic heal the skin barrier to prevent trans-epidermal water loss. Instil the skin with the moisture it craves in the winter months with Caviar Hydrating.

Mask -

It’s absolutely essential to maintain hydration while the weather is fighting against us, and one of the best ways to do so is with a body or face mask. Masks provide the skin with a higher level of actives than everyday skin care, as they’re designed to be used periodically to give skin a necessary boost. Applying a mask allows you to relax and rejuvenate while your skin is treated to highly active opulent treatments, a match made in heaven to ease the stresses of the winter months.

AMRA Gold Rejuvenating Rhassoul Body Mask drapes the skin in luxury, healing and nourishing with anti-inflammatory 24kt Gold, Vitamin C and a 4-in-1 Elastin Active. Anti-inflammatory actives are perfect for calming sensitive and irritated skin caused by drops in temperature, while sumptuously moisturising dry and dehydrated skin.

Discover a world of hydration with AMRA Platinum Firming Face Mask. Platinum released through sebum (oil) contact delivers a high level of moisture into the skin by regulating oil levels. When oil levels are controlled, maintaining the correct hydration level is far easier as oil is neither under nor overproduced. Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) and Dipeptide repair and soothe dry, damaged, and sensitive skin, making it an essential face mask to reduce the effects of winter on the skin, leaving you with a brightened, toned complexion.

A Gold Rejuvenating Body exfoliator and polish on a rock being showered with rain. Used for exfoliating the body to help with dry skin and acne in the winter months

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