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How to Get Glowing Skin this Festive Period

Updated: Mar 5

A women with brown long hair and glowing skin holds up an AMRA Skincare bottle next to her face. She is getting her skin ready for the festive season

Glowing skin is a trend that some have truly mastered, though the sun-kissed complexion requires incredible upkeep and a skincare routine doused in highly active formulations. Glowy skin is characterised by a moist, soft, and even complexion, not dull, dry, or dehydrated.

For most of us, there is no single solution for glowing skin. Whilst some are born with a healthy, natural radiance, for others a combination of lifestyle, sleep, and skincare actives to nourish and balance the skin all help to bring us closer to the idyllic complexion. In particular, actives such as Vitamin C, Retinol, and Hyaluronic Acid aid in providing a healthy glow.

Following a well-structured skincare ritual, eating plenty of fresh, vitamin and nutrient-rich foods and indulging in healthy habits can all ease you into a journey to healthy, bright, and glowy skin.

AMRA has an abundance of collections crafted to promote healthy, youthful complexions alongside highly active technology. For glowy skin discovered with a touch of decadence, it has to be AMRA.

Structure an inimitable routine alongside Gold Rejuvenating Cleansing Face Wash. Anti-Inflammatory Gold is known for its cell renewal properties, while our unique Anti-Glycation complex increases the elasticity of the skin. Combined with Vitamin C to increase skin suppleness and reduce texture, the active technology within this collection is tailored to provide healthy, soft, glowing skin.

AMRA Caviar Hydrating Toner has been crafted alongside Hyaluronic Acid and a Bi-Function Probiotic, strengthening skin internally for overall healthy and nourished skin. Moisture content is improved with vitamins and minerals from algae-derived Green Caviar, whilst our highly active formulations aid in cell cohesion and collagen production for moistened, plump, and healthy skin.

Discover true luxury with Rarity Face Serum, encapsulating the world’s most rare and precious of active technology. Incorporating the properties of Pearl, Caviar, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum, fusing with Stem Cell Orchid, Meteorite, Ruby and Sapphire, this serum is the pinnacle of luxury skincare. Designed to tackle all skincare concerns, Rarity Face Serum strengthens skin, improving skin tone with incredible mineral content. Creating a glow from within, this serum is quintessential for capturing plump, illuminated skin.

Another excellent addition to a routine constructed to instil radiance is the Diamond Illuminating Moisturiser. Formulated alongside optical blurring technology, skin can be truly captivating. A DEJ active works alongside retinoid Vitamin A to promote the production of new, healthy cells as well as increase collagen production for plumped and elegant skin. A quintessential product to give a healthy glow from within.


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