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Why is my Skin Sensitive?

All types of skin can be sensitive. Whether you have combination, dry, oily or somewhere-in-between skin, you can have sensitivity. Whilst it’s true that genetics, lifestyle and your skin type plays a part in how sensitive your skin might be, it can develop on any skin type.

Our skin contains millions of receptors that monitor and react too changes. These changes could be in us or our skin, or due to environmental changes around us. These receptors are what’s responsible for when things feel great, and then they don’t.

The skin’s natural barrier (also known as the moisture barrier or the lipid layer) helps to retain moisture in the skin and external irritants out. Your skin is regularly exposed to free radicals that can dry or weaken your skin’s natural barrier. Significant or regular changes to skincare, lifestyle can disrupt the barrier, this is when skin starts to feel dry, tight and sensitive.

Signs of sensitive skin

Here are some of the key indicators that you may have developed sensitive skin:

  • Redness and irritation

  • Dry skin

  • Breakouts

  • Itchy, tingling, tight or irritated skin

Most people develop sensitive skin at one time or another, it’s very common. However, the way it presents itself will be different from person to person, even the amount of time the symptoms may last for and what it’ll take to restore the natural balance of your skin.

What causes sensitive skin?

There are a variety of reasons why you might have sensitive skin. It can be caused by many different things, including cold weather, sun, harsh ingredients, pollution, diet, pregnancy and not removing make up properly.

Once you know more about the causes and signs to watch out for, you’ll be ready to act at the first sign of sensitive skin. The “good” news is that the causes of sensitive skin do stay fairly consistent from person to person, allowing you to pinpoint where your issues are coming from.

How to treat sensitive skin

Treating sensitive skin is really important if you want to feel comfortable in your own skin. Here’s what we suggest to help with sensitive skin:

  • Take short showers with warm (not hot) water.

  • Avoid harsh astringents and exfoliants.

  • Use a product bespoke to your skincare concerns, especially focusing on keeping your skin hydrated.

AMRA Sensitive Skincare

We offer skincare for sensitive skin too. Our Pearl Purifying Face Wash and Pearl Purifying Moisturiser are an amazing way to combat sensitive skin. Our active technology in our Pearl Collection has been designed to combat pollution. Our AFR active works on combating free radical whilst the Purifying active works to ensure protection and hydration.

The active Pearl range has been designed to combat environmental pollution. Our AFR actively works on combating free radicals. Whilst our Purifying active works to ensure protection and maximum hydration.

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